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About Us

Lepanto Media publishes scripts that are perfect for schools and community theaters. With an extensive library of original, professionally written plays that are morally robust, we are on a mission to transform the world of theater. We provide you options for shows that are both entertaining and fulfilling. Our vision is to rebuild the culture around beauty, goodness, and truth.

Our Plays

We have a variety of genres, from fairy tales to mystery comedies, with a large range of cast sizes. Whether you have 10 or 50 members to cast, we have a play for you.

Fairytales Retold

Original retellings of our well-known beloved fairytales. Suitable for junior high students, high schoolers, and even adults to perform.

Mystery Comedies

Extremely entertaining comedies that put a spin on the classic murder mystery tropes. A great option to ease beginner actors into theater.

Spiritual Dramas

Fascinating stories of religious and historical figures. Audiences will get to witness the beautiful lives of true saints.

Shakespeare Adaptations 

Shakespeare’s original text trimmed down to allow for a more manageable runtime. A perfect introduction to the world’s greatest playwright.

What Our Customers Are Saying


“Our students and families loved the performance! Everyone wanted to know where on earth I found the play!”


“Genius writing! I’ve never seen such a funny play.”

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