Nuns and Aliens – Perusal Script

By Dale Ahlquist

17 Total Roles | 5 Males | 12 Females | 0 Either

105 minutes

There is a monastery of Poor Clare nuns in Roswell, New Mexico. However, Roswell is not famous for nuns. It is famous for aliens. Many people are absolutely convinced that extra-terrestrial beings have landed near Roswell, but that the U.S. Government has conspired to keep this a secret. Probably none of these people know that there are nuns in Roswell. That secret has apparently been better kept. While these two secrets meet up in this play with certain amusing results, it is a serious play involving a crisis of faith.

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Dale Ahlquist

Cast Size

17 Total Roles, 5 Males, 12 Females, 0 Either

Run Time

105 minutes

Poster Artist

Ted Schluender-Fritz