Mind Over Murder – Perusal Script

By Adrian Ahlquist

20 Total Roles | 11 Males | 9 Females | 0 Either

90 minutes

Dr. Flatly is the worst psychiatrist in the world. His patients, ranging from a kleptomaniac, a phobiac, a schizophrenic, to a delusional actress, a rock star, a sad clown, and some guy in a straight jacket, all tend to suffer under his care. They all have a good reason to shoot him, and sure enough, someone does. Turns out they all have the means to shoot him, too. Lots of laughs and lots of guns.

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Adrian Ahlquist

Cast Size

20 Total Roles, 11 Males, 9 Females, 0 Either

Run Time

90 minutes

Poster Artist

Ted Schluender-Fritz